Family owned Since August 1979

Quality Machining and Fabricating Since 1979

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Our Story

Feilhauer’s Machine Shop, Inc. was founded in 1979, started as a break down and repair service machining facility by the Feilhauer family. Over the years, we have expanded into a comprehensive machining and fabrication provider.

Throughout our history, Feilhauer’s has forged strong relationships with diverse clients in the Midwest area, delivering top-notch design, machining, and repair solutions to meet their unique needs.

Our Equipment

Feilhauer’s Machine Shop’s commitment to quality can be seen in our temperature controlled clean inspection room.
Equipped with the latest CMM’s to precision gages. All standard and measuring equipment are annually calibrated and documented.

Milling Equipment

  • CNC Horizontal Mill with 100’’ in X axis, 66’’ in Y axis and 36’’ in Z axis
  • CNC Horizontal Mill with Dual Pallet Stations (4 Axis) 100″ X Axis 28″ Y Axis 28″ Z Axis
  • CNC Milling Center (3 Axis) 40″ X Axis 20″ Y Axis 24″ Z Axis
  • Milling Center (3 Axis) 40″ X Axis 20″ Y Axis 26″ Z Axis
  • CNC Vertical Mills (3 Axis) 33″ X Axis 17″ Y Axis 28″ Z Axis
  • CNC Vertical Mill (3 Axis) 40″ X Axis 20″ Y Axis 28″ Z Axis
  • Vertical Mill 33″ X Axis 19″ Y Axis 20″ Z Axis
  • Vertical Mill 28″ X Axis 16″ Y Axis 20″ ZAxis

Turning Equipment

  • CNC VTL up to 54’’ diameter
  • CNC Turning Center 15″ Diameter X 54″ Long
  • CNC Turning Center 20″ Diameter X 50″ Long
  • CNC Turning Center 27″ Diameter X 120″ Long Lathe 28″ Diameter X 157″ Long
  • Lathe 28″ Diameter X 157″ Long
  • Lathe 22″ Diameter X 120″ Long

Water Jet Equipment

Jet Edge Multi Head 60,00psi 96″ x 240″x 12″ Thick
Omax Single Head 40,000psi 26″ x 52″ x 2 3/8″ Thick

Inspection Equipment

  • Faro CMM Arm with a 72″ window
  • Certified Height Gauges & Micrometers
  • Climate Controlled Inspection Room

Field Service Equipment

Boring Turning Milling Pulling Drilling Honing Welding

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