Abrasive Water Jet cutting systems use a combination of water and garnet to cut through materials considered cost
"un-acceptable" by conventional cutting methods. Using small amounts of water while eliminating the friction caused by
tool-to-tool contact, abrasive Water Jet cutting avoids thermal damage, which can adversely affect metallurgic properties
in materials being cut. The ability to pierce through materials also eliminates the need and cost of drilling starter holes.
Because abrasive jet cuts with a narrow kerf, parts can be tightly nested thus maximizing material usage.

When coupled with a state of the art motion control system, abrasive jet cutting provides extremely accurate cuts with a high
degree of repeatability over a wide range of materials and shapes. Abrasive Water Jet is excellent for the cutting of complex shapes,
and in fragile materials such as glass, the high failure rate due to breakage and chipping of corners during conventional processing
is virtually eliminated. Whatever your industrial need, Abrasive Water Jet is an accurate, flexible, and efficient cutting system.

Abrasive Water Jet can cut through materials ranging from 1/32 inch (1.6mm) to 12 inches (305mm) thick. These CNC controlled
machines are capable of repeating movement to +/- .005". The top surface of a part will always fall into this tolerance range.
Positive or negative taper on the cut edge is a naturally occurring tendency that can effect the overall accuracy of a part.
Several factors can contribute to the amount of taper on a given part including material type, thickness and speed of cut.
Consult with your Feilhauer's Representative as to your particular quality requirements concerning this issue.

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